PinLeague FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About PinLeague

How Does PinLeague Grow Pinterest Followers?

How does PinLeague attract followers?

Our proprietary technology finds Pinterest users and influencers who are most likely to engage with your brand and share your content with the widest possible audience. We engage these users on your behalf on Pinterest to help them discover you. Some percentage of these users will follow you and share your content, accelerating your viral growth on Pinterest. As we go, we learn more about which users are likely to become your brand ambassadors, improving our targeting and outreach. We are the only solution in the market to help you gain targeted Pinterest followers organically.

Can I buy a certain number of followers, repins or likes from you?

NO, we are not in the business of artificially inflating your follower count by paying people to follow you or following you with fake accounts. BEWARE of any service that guarantees to deliver you any number of followers in a short period of time. Using these services can get your account flagged as SPAM, which can lead to being blocked or removed from Pinterest permanently.

Do you pay followers to follow my account?

NO, we will NEVER pay users to follow your account or artificially inflate your following in any way. Your followers will only be recruited organically, discovering you naturally through our engagement efforts.

Do you screen out spam accounts?

YES, our robust targeting algorithms are constantly being improved to ensure we don’t waste any time engaging spam accounts made to look like real users. Not wasting time and resources engaging accounts without a human behind them is essential to keeping our service running efficiently, and we are always trying to stay a step ahead.

Do you use any bots or “black-hat” tactics?

NO, our proprietary targeting software is what makes our service effective through natural interactions on Pinterest. We help you grow by narrowing down a specific set of users most likely to be interested in your brand and content, not blindly spamming.

WARNING! Bots usually are equipped with spyware, malware, and other scripts that gather personal data from your computer. Bots also have a history of getting you flagged and eventually banned from the network. Don’t take the risk!

Can you get me 100 or 1,000 followers by tomorrow?

NO, building a real and engaged following takes time. Beware of services that offer to deliver a large number of followers in a very short time period. You may be able to artificially inflate your follower count for a short time, but your engagement will remain the same since your new followers won’t be human. In addition, as Pinterest finds and closes these fake accounts, you’ll find your follower count drop drastically overnight, leaving you right where you started. Even worse, you could be marked as a SPAM account and blocked or permanently removed from Pinterest. Many customers come to us having already made this mistake – make the right investment from the start.

Can you help me engage with my twitter followers, facebook fans and e-mail list subscribers on Pinterest?

YES. We are the only Pinterest Marketing solution that can find your Twitter followers, facebook fans and e-mail subscribers on Pinterest. Recruiting these existing fans on Pinterest is a smart way to boost your growth on Pinterest- and to deepen your relationship with your most loyal fans.

Is PinLeague Right For Me?

Do you help large brands grow on Pinterest? Do you work with agencies?

YES. We offer a wide array of custom services for agency and enterprise clients, from whitelabeling and advanced targeting to full account management and social media consulting. Please call us at (405) 309-2093 for more details and pricing.

What can I expect from growing my Pinterest account?

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect from growing your Pinterest account:

  • Establish yourself as an influencer in your industry or niche
  • Build an authentic, genuine identity with fans
  • Get more credibility, recognition and exposure for your brand, products and services
  • Attract more and higher quality traffic to your website
  • Increase your sales and profile

Who should sign up for PinLeague?

You should sign up for PinLeague free trial if:

  • You know you should be using social media and haven’t had the chance to dive in yet with both feet.
  • You’ve had some success on Facebook and/or Twitter, but don’t have the time to setup, learn and manage a whole new social presence.
  • You understand that social media is a long-term investment and that becoming a power user early will not only reap huge rewards down the road, but will also be much easier than trying to establish yourself after the network has become saturated.
  • You know that to really make the most of Pinterest, you need to do it right – but despite your best efforts to keep up, you’re just juggling too many things at once.
  • Your time is valuable and best spent concentrating on your business instead of spending hours managing each of you social media accounts every day.

What Can I Expect?

How many new followers should I expect with the Audience Development Platform?

It depends. We’ve found over time that members’ growth rates vary with a number of factors including:

  • (a) the size of your target audience among Pinterest’s community,
  • (b) your existing traction on Pinterest,
  • (c) the strength of your brand beyond Pinterest,
  • (d) the strength of your existing social media strategy,
  • (e) how active you are on Pinterest and
  • (f) which plan you use.

The value of PinLeague is that we help OPTIMIZE your growth rate and engagement by finding the RIGHT users that you want to pin with. 1 targeted follower can be worth 100 untargeted ones. To give you a sense of the range, we have customers who gain 2,000 targeted followers per month and other who gain 100; all see a noticeable % uplift in their growth rates.

What kind of customer service can I expect?

Customer service is a huge priority at PinLeague. You can expect us to respond to your email or call within 24 business hours at the absolute latest. Please reach out anytime at


Do I have to sign a long term contract?

NO. You can choose the length of your plan. Go month-to-month or sign-up for longer commitments (currently 3, 6, or 12 months) to receive discounts on your service- it’s all up to you!

What types of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We will be adding PayPal soon.

Can I cancel at anytime?

YES, you may cancel your account at any time. Since payment is made upfront for each period of service, upon cancellation, PinLeague will honor its service through the end of your next billing cycle. If for any reason you want us to end service sooner, we will, but we can not refund partial service periods.

Can I change plans at any time?

Absolutely. If you would like to upgrade/downgrade your service, you can reach out to us at anytime to adjust your level of service. The change will be reflected at the start of your next billing cycle.