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Welcome to the Tailwind Affiliate Resource Library! Here you can find all the materials you need to be a world-class affiliate for a world-class marketing tool.

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Affiliate Education

Learn how to become the ultimate Tailwind affiliate with these quick blog posts!

  • What it means to be a Tailwind Affiliate
    • This is a general overview of the affiliate program. We’ll cover the commission structure, how PowerUps work, and how to earn a bonus commission.
  • How to Navigate ShareASale
    • ShareASale’s dashboard can be a bit… overwhelming. That’s why we put together this step-by-step guide on how to find your affiliate links and banner images!
  • Content Submission Form
    • Did you know that we promote the affiliate content you create? Submit your blog post, video, podcast, etc. to be considered for paid promotion.
  • Keeping the FTC Happy
    • Now that you’re a Tailwind affiliate, you need to make sure you’re following the FTC guidelines. Honestly, this is the most important link we can share with you. Let’s keep the FTC happy!
  • Content Accuracy Checklist
    • We love to share your content, but we need to make sure it’s accurate, first.
  • Content That Converts
    • What makes a great affiliate post? How can I promote my links to my audience? We walk you through tips on creating content that converts.
  • Examples of great Tailwind content
    • See our content tips in action with these A+ Tailwind affiliate posts.
  • How to set up Brand Collabs for Instagram and Facebook
    • A great way to create easily promoted posts is by using Facebook or Instagram’s Brand Collabs platform.

Tailwind Product Education

Feature-Specific Resources

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