How to Find, Join, and Pin to Group Boards on Pinterest8 min read

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How to Find, Join, and Pin to Group BoardsDo you use Pinterest group Boards in your marketing strategy? Would you like to get your Pins in front of more people? With just a few steps, you can find, join, and start Pinning to group boards for more Pin exposure and website traffic.

What Is a Pinterest Group Board?

Group, or collaborative Boards, are owned by one Pinner who has given one or more other Pinners permission to add Pins to the Board.

Pinners who follow the group Board show up as followers of the owner only, yet ALL Pins to the group Board from all contributors can show up in the home feed of every Pinner who follows it.

So, let’s say you have one thousand followers and you join a group board belonging to someone who has 100 thousand followers. Any Pins you add to the group Board can now appear in the home feed of your followers and the 100 thousand followers of the group owner! Any additional contributors just bring in more potential exposure to your Pins.

Pinterest group board collaborators
Pins I save to this board can end up in the home feed of Pinners following the board or any of the collaborators. Nice!

Group Board members can invite others to the board, though the rules set by the owner of the Board may prohibit this.

Interestingly, when you follow a Pinner, you only follow their regular boards and the group Boards they own. By default, you don’t follow group Board they belong to, but you can visit their profile and follow them one by one if you like.

Pinterest Group Boards Printscreen

I followed this Pinner, but this doesn’t mean I follow any group boards she belongs to but doesn’t own.
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Why Use Pinterest Group Boards?

More Pin Reach, More Website Traffic

When you add your Pins to a group Board, those Pins may appear in the home feed of anyone who follows ANY of the other members of the board. This means more exposure for your Pins and likely a lot more traffic for your blog.

While you can Pin anything you want to these group Boards (keep it relevant to the Board, though), concentrate on sharing your OWN content here, as the point of a group board is to gain more exposure for your content. Feel free to share other people’s content if you want to do them a favor.

A Source of Quality Content to Curate

We all know Pinterest is a hungry animal – hungry for good content! Finding that content from around the web can be time consuming. But, IF you’re in a group Board where all the members stick to the rules and share only quality content that is relevant to the theme of the group Board (no weight loss Pins in the “How to start a blog” Board, please!), you’ll have a constant source of content you can Save (repin) or schedule for later.

Are My Group Boards Working for My Pinterest Account?

Some Pinners have speculated that group Boards may be hurting their accounts. Others find they still bring in traffic and are some of their top-performing Boards. Still others use them for the original purpose – to share content with a select number of collaborators, perhaps for providing feedback on a project, for planning a trip, or giving opinions on a new hair style!

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Go to Pin Inspector and look a the activity of your Pins in the Group Board.

If you’re using Pinterest Group Boards to try to increase the distribution of your content, the best way to tell whether a group Board is working for you or not is to look at your Tailwind Pin Inspector for that Board specifically. Not yet a member?

Where to Find Group Boards

You can search Pinterest for the subjects relevant to your account and then refine the results to look at Boards only. The only way to currently tell which of these boards are group boards is  to click through on each one and see if there are multiple contributors, or if the owner cleverly uploaded a board cover that says, “group Board” or “collaborative Board.” Not an easy process.

Try looking at other Pinterest profiles in your industry to see which group Boards your competitors are contributing to (group Boards are easy to spot – the little profile circle will be split into sections as in the example below). You can also check out a number of Facebook groups full of people who are looking for group Board contributors.Looking for Pinterest group boards

An easier way still is to use While it appears that the data has not been updated in a while, it’s still a good place to start. If I want to look for marketing Boards to join, here’s what I’ll do:

Pingroupie - find group boardsI’ve sorted the results by the highest number of repins (a pretty good indicator of success) and entered “Marketing” as the search term for the title of the group Board. I’ll look for a board without too many collaborators, but lots of followers. It’s a little bit of a guessing game here, as it’s hard to see what the repin or save rate is, so you’ll still need to take a look at each to check for quality. And you’ll still want to check your Tailwind Pin Inspector after joining to make sure your Pins are doing well.

There are also a number of blog posts with lists of group Boards. Check out some from this Pinterest search.

How to Join a Pinterest Group Board

Now that you’ve located a board or two that look promising, it’s time to get invited. Some group Boards have instructions for joining in the description of the Board. Often you’ll be asked to follow the Board, repin some Pins, and leave a comment. Try that first.

How to Get a Pinterest Group Board Invitation

If you don’t hear back or there are no instructions to request an invite, find the group Board owner (the person with the leftmost icon, or just remove the Board name from the URL) and try to track down their contact information. Email them, Tweet them, send a Pinterest message (if they follow you) and let them know you want to join. Adding in a note about what you like to Pin and why you want to join can help.

Pinterest group board owner
The group board owner’s profile URL is the first part of the board URL!

From an Invitation

Whether or not you ask for it, you may receive an invitation to a group Board right in your Pinterest inbox. You can choose to ignore or accept, but first, check out the Board and see if it looks like a good board AND a good fit for your content. This one I’ll ignore because the Pins don’t fit with the title of the board, which may indicate a lack of commitment to quality from the members and owner.

Pinterest group board invitation

Having Trouble Finding, Joining, and Pinning to Quality Pinterest Group Boards?

Try Tailwind Tribes! Tribes allow you to collaborate with others in your niche. Not only will your content be shared to their followers, but you’ll save tons of time curating great content. Tribes are currently free to use, even for those without a Tailwind account.

Tribes user and owner of Life Wise Lady, Jen Monks, says:

It’s easy and convenient to choose all I want from my fellow tribe members. They, in turn, share my posts.

This tool saves you time and maximizes your reach so you can become one of the most successful women in business.

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Get all the benefits of Pinterest group Boards with the added advantage of accountability! Tribe Owners and Admins can ensure that everyone is sharing out each others’ Pins. If someone doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, Owners and Admins can remind them of the rules and/or kick them out.

Simply add your Pins to Tribes, and add others’ Pins to your queue and off you go! Find your first Tribe now. 

Pinterest Group Boards and Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes don’t replace Pinterest group Boards. Together they can get your content into other people’s group boards as your Tribemates add your content to their group Boards. So, really it gives you the best of both worlds.

Find Your Tribe

Are you finding success with group Boards? How did you find your best ones? Have you tried Tailwind Tribes? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. “Pinterest created group boards” but I think that was a different era! It seems like everything they do now centers on search and affinity. I haven’t given up on ALL my group boards – but most of them. They’re always at the bottom of the barrel for engagement. Including. sadly, my own. But, they are of value to new pinners for sure.

    1. Yes they’ve been around for a while, but they love it when we use their features, so I’m confident they’re not punishing them as a whole. Four of our top five boards are group boards. I think it is just harder to find and maintain good ones these days.

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