How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram in First Comment (Like a Pro!)

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Did you know that Instagram marketers who use nine or more hashtags per post get more than 2.5x the engagement of those who only use one hashtag?

No doubt about it… Instagram hashtags are powerful. They’re how we get found, build authority, and drive engagement.

But, just because they’re necessary, doesn’t mean they’re pretty.

Take, for example, the captions used by your favorite Instagram accounts. Beneath the inspiring words and clever emojis you love, you’ll often see a hodgepodge of hashtags that cheapen the look of the caption, making it feel just a little bit spammy. ☹️ NOT the impression they were hoping for.

So how do you keep your Instagram feed pretty and clutter-free? EASY! Put your hashtags in your first comment instead of the caption!

Today we’re excited to announce the simplest way to do this. Instead of bouncing back and forth between Tailwind and Instagram, you can:

  1. Add hashtags in your first comment with the click of a button 🙌🏽
  2. Hide hashtags in your caption 😎
  3. Separate hashtags if you’d like to keep a few in your caption and add the rest to your first comment ‼️

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The Old Way of Hiding Hashtags on Instagram

Remember the old-school days of posting to Instagram, running to your notes app, grabbing hashtags, and then returning to Instagram to put hashtags into a comment? 🤪

It might have worked at keeping your hashtags hidden, but it was problematic.

  • What if you were out and about when it was time to publish?
  • What if you forgot to add your hashtags altogether?
  • What if you preferred to use Tailwind’s Auto Post for Instagram?

Scary to consider what was at stake knowing that time is of the essence when building engagement and discovery on any Instagram post.

The perfect solution is to add your caption, schedule, and then drop those hashtags in first comment all from one location.

Enter stage right… Hashtags in First Comment from Tailwind. 🎉

Here’s how to use it and why our members are already jumping for joy about this new feature!

Option #1: Hide Hashtags on Instagram in the First Comment

When you add hashtags to your Instagram caption in Tailwind, you’ll see a brand new check box which allows you to move your hashtags from the end of your caption to the first comment on the post.

That’s it! No more cluttered captions, no more remembering to return to a post and add your hashtags.

Your post is ready for engagement the moment it goes live!

Here’s how to post, schedule, and add your hashtags:

  • Upload your image or video, craft your caption, and then type the # symbol to get predictive hashtag suggestions.
  • Click to choose or add frequently-used hashtags from your list.
  • Check the box to move those comments from your caption to your 1st comment.
  • Click “add to queue” to automatically schedule your post for the best time.

Now, doesn’t that make you look professional!? 👏

How to use hashtags in the first comment on Instagram -

Option #2 Hiding Instagram Hashtags in the Caption

There IS a way to put your hashtags in your caption while keeping your posts and feed looking good! Simply format your caption so that it adds line breaks, pushing your valuable hashtags into the “more” section of the caption where they still do their job of increasing reach and engagement, but aren’t easy to see!

This Instagram post from @harpermaven is too pretty be covered in hashtags! See how her formatting moves them out of view?

Alas, typing your caption and forcing line breaks right in your Instagram caption on the app won’t do the trick. When published, all your formatting is wiped away. 😞

So, first compose your caption in Notes, Evernote, or even better- in Tailwind! Then just copy and paste in your caption and formatting, and then use Hashtag Finder to find the best hashtags for your Instagram post. 

One of my favorite Tailwind hacks makes this incredibly simple and quick:

Use Tailwind’s Instagram Hashtag Lists to Schedule Posts with Hashtags Hidden in the Caption

From Tailwind’s Instagram publisher, create a “Hashtag” list which in this case will actually store ONLY your formatting:

  1. In the Tailwind Instagram Publisher, click on the “#” button
  2. Now click the  “+” button. I called mine, “formatting.”
  3. Add line breaks and characters, symbols, or emojis on each line. In this hashtag list, I included a camera emoji, and then double asterisks, each on their own lines. This will add a camera emoji to the end of my caption and then insert line breaks with asterisks on them to move my hashtags down and out of view.

The important thing to note is that you need to have SOMETHING on those lines in order to sustain the line break for publishing. You could use a dash, some ellipses, or an emoji, but make sure there is nothing else on that line (no spaces following the characters) or the line breaks will disappear when you post to Instagram, even if it looks fine in the scheduler.

Now you have a handy template which will save you time every time you schedule a post – AND keep those hashtags out of sight! Type your caption, add your “hashtag” list plus hashtag recommendations or your premade hashtag list and post!

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Option #3: Include Conversational Hashtags in Your Caption and Hide More Hashtags in a Comment

Hashtags have been around so long that sometimes it just makes sense – and can feel a bit playful – to include them in the conversation!

With Tailwind’s hashtag in first comment, only the hashtags at the END of your caption will be moved to the first comment. So, go ahead and include some in the caption just for fun.

Showing how to include some hashtags in caption and some in first comment with Taillwind.

Your Turn:

When it comes to Instagram hashtags, do you prefer to put them in your caption or first comment – or a bit of both?

Will you try Tailwind’s newest Instagram feature which allows you to post hashtags in the first comment automatically?

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Alisa Meredith

Alisa Meredith is the Content Marketing Manager at Tailwind – a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler and analytics platform. She is a sought-after speaker and teacher on Pinterest and Promoted Pins in particular, having spoken at Social Media Marketing World, Agents of Change and appearing on The Art of Paid Traffic and Social Pros podcasts. Alisa has invested heavily in becoming an expert in her craft – realizing (and loving) the fact that the learning never ends!  She lives in coastal North Carolina with her pampered pets Pepe the couch potato Cavapoo, and more cats than she’d like to admit to.

22 thoughts on “How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram in First Comment (Like a Pro!)

  1. Hello Alisa Meredith,

    Nice Article, I was always curious how to hide Hashtags on Instagram. Your article has cleared many doubts and clears the picture.

    Thanks for sharing such a nice article.

    1. Hi Nicole. Yes, it seems so. The only thing I’ve heard is a bad idea is to edit your caption to add hashtags. Anecdotally I have heard that it pretty much ends engagement. Can’t say for sure though!

  2. Hi Alisa,
    Do you know if there is a “magic” number of hashtags — a number that will increase visibility and engagement but isn’t considered by Instagram to be “spammy”? I’ve read that Instagram frowns on using 20 or more and it will actually cause your posts to not show up as frequently due to the algorithm. Thoughts?

      1. Oh so now we should only use 9 hashtags? I thought the rule of thumb was to max out at 30, take advantage of as many as possible. I guess that’s changed now?
        BTW-love the formatting hack you gave in this article. so Brilliant!

        1. I’ve seen several studies on the topic and none have shown that 30 generated the best results. Not to say there isn’t one out there that does. 😉

          I’m so glad you liked it, Shana!

    1. You’d have to set up the formatting on desktop – on app, you can’t add line breaks (at least I couldn’t). But on the app, you can use hashtag lists or even create new ones, just can’t create new formatting lists.Thanks for stopping by, Deanna!

  3. Thanks for the helpful article. It was so easy to configure in Tailwind. My posts already look better.

  4. So is it the double asterisks that constitute the code for a “line break”? And how many line breaks do you need before you start adding your hashtags?

  5. That check box to include hashtags in the first post doesn’t not seem to be available on either my iOS or web version. I have the latest version of both. What’s wrong here, because I’d love to use that feature.

    1. It isn’t yet on mobile, but should be on your desktop dashboard. Are you using auto publish?

  6. What if I want to keep a few hashtags at the end and put the rest in comments is this even possible?

    1. Absolutely! You’d just need to put something other than a hashtag after the first set of hashtags to keep them in the caption. Technically they wouldn’t then be at the end, but it wouldn’t have to be much – maybe a period?

  7. I can’t get the “Post hashtags in first comment” box to show up, what am I missing?

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