4 Steps to Turn a Personal Account Into a Pinterest Business Account

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Transitioning a personal account to a Pinterest business account is very similar to tackling a disorganized closet. The pins don’t fit right, nothing looks good and half the items are on the floor in a jumbled mess. However, there is hope and only a few users will have to throw out everything.

4 Steps to Turn a Personal Account Into a Pinterest Business Account

Before your begin, determine if your personal Pinterest page can be used as your business page. Is your business niche completely unrelated to what you’ve been pinning for personal use? If you answered yes, it’s best to open up a new account and start fresh. If some boards and pins can be salvaged, you’ll be able to merge over to a business account just fine with these simple steps.

Step 1: Verify your new website with Pinterest.

You can convert your account to a Pinterest business through Pinterest, but the most important step in the conversion process is verifying your domain. This is important because it causes Pinterest to recognize you as a legitimate business. You will also have access to Pinterest analytics, giving you a fantastic view into what your followers like to pin and the types of interests they have.

Step 2: Create a blog board

Next, create a blog board for all of your blog posts using the same title as your blog. This makes it easier for followers to find all of your awesome content in one place. Pin at least 10 posts to start and then add your latest post each time it’s published.

Step 3: Break down the rest

Then, look over the remaining boards left on your Pinterest page and break them down into three three categories (we’ll use a fashion blogger for our example):

  • Keep: boards that are related to your new business (any board related to fashion — accessories, shoes, etc),
  • Merge: boards that can combine to be related to your new business (special occasion and events where you could easily thread in fashion)
  • Delete: boards that just don’t fit (lifehacks and recipes).

If our fashion blogger doesn’t want to get rid of recipes and life hacks, they would simply create two new secret boards and move all of their pins to those boards. After moving the pins, delete the original boards. This allows them the freedom to still use the page for personal use without followers wondering why they’re pinning about an upcoming bathroom remodel when they start seeing pins about sinks.

The keep boards that fit with your new niche should be titled, described and categorized with keywords. Cutesy or clever titles are fine for personal pages but now that you’re using Pinterest for business it’s wise to optimize your content for search. Keywords will help your pins and boards come up in Pinterest search when users put in specific search terms. If you need ideas for what keywords to use, check Pinterest interests (those small boxes with topics) or do a quick Google search.

For merge boards, create new titles that closely fit your new niche and add new pins to freshen up the boards. It’s important that the new boards are described and categorized too.

Step 4: Update covers

Last step -change up your board covers. Get creative! Choose pictures without text and coordinate in color for a clean look. Your new profile should be a clean and cohesive place for your fans to land.

Now you have a fresh look for your new business Pinterest page. Start scheduling your pins using Tailwind and create great content your followers love and want to share.

Have you tried to transition your personal account to a business account? Tell us your story in the comments!


Kate runs Simple Pin Media where they help bloggers and business owners understand and manage their Pinterest page to drive more traffic and generate more income.

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