How to Start a Tailwind Tribe

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How to Start a Tailwind Tribe

Tailwind Tribes were designed for busy bloggers to find and share quality content from a group of people they trust and want to support. Tribe Members often report an increase in their Pin reach as well. In fact, among Tailwind Members, those who use Tribes experience 2x follower growth and 3x social shares compared with those who are not using Tribes.

Here’s what Kathryn of Singing Through The Rain says about Tailwind Tribes,

This is such a great way to find new bloggers, network, find and pin other content that isn’t just your own, and grow your own numbers on Pinterest and back to your blog!

Using Tribes is a great way to find new bloggers and grow your own numbers on Pinterest!Click to Tweet

Maybe you’re already a Member of a Tribe or two, so you’ve seen the reach-expanding and time-saving potential for yourself. But maybe you haven’t found the perfect Tribe yet. In that case, take the advice of Kim of Today’s Creative Life:

“Take the bull by the horns and [create your own Tribe]; don’t wait for someone to ask you!” From the Simple Pin Podcast.

When she did create her own Tribe, she found that she “was able to interact with a lot of people she didn’t know before.” Kim also reported that “She has seen a higher level of reciprocity from Tribes than she ever did in a Facebook share group.”

Sounds good, right? Before you jump in though, you likely have a few questions. For example,

How Much Time Will I Spend Managing My Tribe?

This depends on the rules you set and the behavior of your Tribemates.

If you have a “Pin anything” policy, or you have Tribemates who all follow the rules and consistently do their share to support the group, there will be little for you to do besides approve new members (if you created a ‘Request to Join’ Tribe). So, plan on about 5 minutes per week just to scan through newly submitted Pins for quality and another 10-15 minutes to add content to and schedule from this Tribe.

If, on the other hand, you have created a niche Tribe and the members don’t follow the rules, you may find you’re spending up to an hour or even more removing content that doesn’t fit and chatting with or booting members who aren’t behaving. There are things you can do to fix that! We’ll get to that in a moment.

Remember, it’s up to you to set a good example for all the other Tribemates and to keep the Tribe and its content up to standards. With some planning and good communication, your Tribe will be a time SAVER.

“In just a few minutes time, you can fill your Tailwind queue with new travel content for weeks or even months depending on your pin frequency.” – Paul, Travel Is Life, speaking about Tailwind Tribes.

What Kind of Tribe – Broad or Niche?

We’ve seen all kinds of Tribes here, from “Pin anything” Tribes to ultra specific Tribes such as, “Sight Word Fluency” and “Social Language Speech Therapy Ideas.”

The focus of your Tribe will come from your reason for starting a Tribe.

Is there a niche you want to concentrate on that doesn’t have an available Tribe yet? Then get as specific as you want.

Do you belong to a group of bloggers (maybe from a Facebook group) who are looking for an easy way to support each other and share each other’s content on Pinterest while at the same time adding a bit of accountability to encourage fairness? Depending on what brought you together in the first place, you may want to go a little more broad so that everyone’s content will fit in here.

Be careful about starting “Pin anything” Tribes as they are, by definition, completely unstructured and can quickly become full of low-quality Pins or Tribemates who come to drop their links and then leave without sharing. This can turn into a giant headache for a Tribe Owner.

What Rules Should I set for my Tribemates?

Tell your new Tribemates what you expect in terms of what they’re sharing to the Tribe and how they’re sharing from the Tribe. Do you want only long images? Will you ask them to craft great descriptions? What kind and volume of posts and pages are they allowed to share to the Tribe?

Think about how your Tribe can be a valuable asset to all your Tribemates. What guidelines need to be in place for that to happen?

Be very careful about instituting a “must share every Pin” rule. Rarely is every piece of content in a Tribe a fit for everyone and you could turn away a potentially great Tribemate.

Do I Want My Tribe to Be Public, Private, or In Between?

When you set up your Tribe, you’ll be able to choose your Tribe’s visibility to control how people find and join your Tribe (or not).

With public Tribes, your Tribe is discoverable in search and no approval is necessary for new Tribemates to join.

Choose request to join if you want your Tribe to be discoverable in search but want to be able to approve new Tribemates before they join. Note that your Tribe Admins can approve join requests as well.

If you already know you want to hand pick your Tribemates, choose secret. Without an invitation from you or a Tribe admin, no one will know it exists. ?

How to Create a New Tailwind Tribe

Having all of the above clearly in mind will help you as you set up your Tribe and decide who should be invited. Here’s how to do it, step by step:

  1. From Tribes in your Tailwind dashboard, click the green “Create New Tribe” button in the upper-right corner. Note: You can make changes to your Tribe by clicking on the three dots next to your Tribes’ name and then choosing: “Edit Tribe Details.”Create a new Tailwind Tribe
  2. Fill out your Tribe information. Share the vision of your board with your Tribemates in the “About” section and your expectations for them in the Rules. Consider carefully your Tribe Visibility. Do you want a more open Tribe where anyone can find you and join without approval? A completely closed Tribe which requires an invite? Something in between? You can change these settings later if you need to. Make sure your Tribe name and “About” section reflect your vision for the Tribe.  The “About” section is also the place to set expectations for those who are not familiar with the collaborative nature Tribes. If you’re open to new members joining automatically or by request, you’ll also want to use relevant keywords in your description to help people in your niche find your Tribe in search. A relevant category and tags will also help the right people find you.Tailwind Tribe details
  3. Now fill up your Tribe to make it useful from the start by adding some great content. Add some of your own, but to make it feel extra inviting, add content by some of the Pinners you are going to ask to join! That way when they get in and see you cared enough to share their content, it will likely encourage them to become active right away.
    Fill up your Tailwind Tribe before you invite Tribemates
    Fill up your Tailwind Tribe before you invite Tribemates
  4. A Tribe isn’t a Tribe until you have Tribemates! Invite one or more people to join your Tribe. Click on the “Invite New Tribe Members” button and grab your link of choice.Tailwind Tribes Invite
  5. Anyone who has the invite link can join, so be careful with it! Send it to your hand-picked friends, or publish it in a blog post if you’re open to anyone.

Should I Invite Tribe Admins?

Hover over the Tribemate and click on the badge icon to promote them to admin.

Do you plan to have a large Tribe or one that is open to the public? If so, you might want some backup here!

Tribe Admins can edit Tribe information, invite new Tribemates, or kick out other Tribemates (which will also remove that member’s content from the Tribe). So make sure they’re up to the task!

When inviting new members you’ll see a “Promote Invited Member to be a ‘Tribe Admin’ ” checkbox for email invites. This is the method to choose if you want to invite someone to be an admin from the start.

If you want to promote an existing Tribemate, find their name in the Tribe Members list and click on the badge icon to promote them.

Build Community with Tribe Chat

Welcome new Tribemates, remind errant Tribemates of the rules, share another new Tribe you’ve created, or just keep in touch with Tribe Chat.

You can chat with the entire Tribe or just one Tribemate. To chat with just one, hover over the Tribemate’s name in the list on the left and select “Chat.” To chat with the group, open the chat window on the right and choose the Tribe with which you want to communicate.

Tailwind Tribe Chat

Whom Should I Invite to my Tribe and How?

Tailwind Tribe InviteThe best Tribemates are often those you know, like, and trust already – the ones whose content you share without even reading. Ask them to suggest other potential Tribemates.

If you want to open up your Tribe to those you don’t know yet, consider writing a blog post about your new Tribe and include the invitation link. Here’s one that works well.

You can even put a link in your description that leads to that blog post. It won’t be clickable, but it’s easy to copy and paste!

To find your invitation link, click on the “+Invite New Member” button on the sidebar. You can then send the link via Facebook, messenger, email – whatever method you prefer. If you want to add someone as an Admin from the start, use the Email invitation and check “Promote Invited member to be a ‘Tribe Admin’.”

How to Foster an Active Tailwind Tribe

Maintaining an active Tribe doesn’t have to be a full-time job. In fact, your Tribe will save you hours of time you’d otherwise spend searching for great content to Pin.

The best way to keep your Tribe active is to be a good example. Share content that has been submitted by your Tribemates. Add in content your Tribemates will want to share. When your Tribemates receive their Tribes Digest weekly email and see how many re-shares, repins, and how much reach they’ve gotten from your Tribe, it will encourage them to become more active.

If you see that Tribemates have not started using the Tribe, or have slowed their activity, send them a message to make sure they understand how to use it and why it’s so valuable. Are they unsure how to make the most of Tribes? If they have never submitted content, could it be that they don’t know how? A quick explanation via messenger or email could turn them into a Super Tribemate.

Once or twice a week spend 15-20 minutes to add your content and share out content from the Tribe and make sure the quality of the content in the Tribe are high. Set a calendar reminder if you’re afraid you’ll forget.

Trouble With Tribemates? How to Remove Someone From a Tribe

Remove from a Tailwind TribeMost people join Tribes for the sense of community, the ability to find great content fast, and of course to extend the reach of their own content. Every once in a while though, you might get someone who Pins irrelevant or inappropriate content, poor-quality content, or who only drops content in and never shares out.

It could be that they are genuinely unaware of the rules or your standards. In that case, you can chat with them and remind them of the rules. If they continue to bring down the quality of your Tribe, you may need to remove them.

Removing a Tribemate removes all the content they have added to the Tribe – a great time saver if you have been inundated with spam. This measure also makes it impossible for people to join Tribes, fill it up with their own content and leave.

Once you have kicked someone out, they will not be able to rejoin without an invitation from the owner or admin – even if your Tribe is public.

Here’s how to remove someone from your Tribe:

  1. On the left side of your dashboard below Tribe rules is a list of all your Tribemates.
  2. Locate the one you need to remove and hover over their name.
  3. Choose “Kick Out.”

Chances are you’ll never need to use the “Kick Out” button – but it’s nice to have it all the same!

Ready to create your Tailwind Tribe? Log in to Tailwind now or sign up for your free trial today. And remember what Haley from Haley’s Vintage says about her Tribes,

“When you share your pins there, it allows other bloggers the chance to repin your great content. Those repins help you reach a broad audience and attract new readers to your blog. WIN!”

Create the perfect Tribe for you and your new Tribemates now!

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How to Start a Tailwind Tribe

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