10 Creative Ways to Use the Pinterest Place Pins Feature

10 Creative Ways to Use the Pinterest Place Pins Feature

Pinterest’s new “place pins” feature allows you to create maps with your boards, giving the travel industry an even bigger incentive to get involved with this platform. I think it’s genius, but I haven’t seen tons of businesses or even individuals make use of this feature yet. While it has its limitations (namely, it’s tied to Foursquare, so all of your pins come from there), if you’re not using the place pins feature yet, you’re missing out!

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How to Promote on Pinterest Without Being Annoying

Mind your manners, even on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great place to find and share content and it’s perfectly acceptable to share your own. However, some people take this to an extreme and it can be annoying to followers.

How to Use Pinterest for Your Next Vacation or Staycation

Does the idea of getting away from it all sound good to you? Whether you’re planning a luxury vacation to an exotic location or an economical staycation, Pinterest can help.

A couple of weeks ago I participated in my first ever live chat on Pinterest called Pin-Up Live. It was based on adventure travel and since then, I’ve had an itch to travel.

That got me to thinking; can Pinterest be used to help with travel planning? Heck yeah it can! Let’s take a look.

A Pin-UP Event on Pinterest and a BIG Announcement

ast Wednesday evening, I was casually scrolling through my Pinterest feed when I came across something absolutely shocking on Pinterest. I jumped up and said “Oh that’s so cool!’

Few things cause me to jump up from my seat in giddy excitement but this sure did. What is it, you ask? It is a live event on Pinterest called “Pin-Up Live”!