Canva - Your Key to Great Pin Design

Canva – Your Key to Great Pin Design OSP Episode 034

Are you a graphic design master that can create amazing images to pin to Pinterest in the blink of an eye? No? Me neither but I have been introduced to a tool that can help.

Canva is a sleek and easy to use online graphic design platform that can help you create those eye catching images that we’re all after to use on our sites and to pin to Pinterest.

Review of the New Look for Pinterest

Review of the New Look for Pinterest

Hold on to your hats, Pinterest is going through some big changes! This last week brought the start of a wide spread rollout of a new look for Pinterest.

Not every account has the “new look” but the ones who do, have the option of switching back and forth between the old and the new.

Here’s a video to give you a quick tour of the “New Look”

A Pin-UP Event on Pinterest and a BIG Announcement

ast Wednesday evening, I was casually scrolling through my Pinterest feed when I came across something absolutely shocking on Pinterest. I jumped up and said “Oh that’s so cool!’

Few things cause me to jump up from my seat in giddy excitement but this sure did. What is it, you ask? It is a live event on Pinterest called “Pin-Up Live”!