The ONE Thing You Can Do to Increase Pinterest Traffic in 2020

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If you had a nickel for every time you’ve heard that “Content is King,” you would probably be sitting on a beach right now sipping on a drink with an umbrella in it. 🍹 I get it.

And while the real story of success in marketing (and even what constitutes success) is obviously much more complicated than an overused 3-word statement, nowhere is the King of marketing (Queen of Marketing?) more powerful than on Pinterest.

Yes, your content has the power to bring in meaningful, targeted traffic from Pinterest, where 250 million people search and discover new ideas and products every month. In fact, Shareholic revealed that Pinterest was the #2 driver of social traffic to websites in 2017. And that was BEFORE #1 referrer Facebook dropped the reach of business content even further.

The One Thing You Can Do To Increase Pinterest Traffic in 2019 is…

Create more fresh, high-quality content for your site.

That’s it.

No tricks, no gimmicks. Just create new blog posts, new pages, new products listings, and new images for old and new posts that will inspire Pinners to engage with and save your Pins.

Ideally, you’ll create at least one new piece of content that you can save to Pinterest every single week. Pinterest wants to keep their platform fresh and exciting, and to that end, they’re favoring content Creators who regularly contribute great content.

And what constitutes high-quality content? It should be:

  • Inspiring
  • Actionable
  • Relevant
  • Search optimized

We will be sharing more tips on exactly how to do that in the coming weeks.

No time to blog every day or every week? Create a new image (or two) for a still-relevant post and share it to Pinterest to give your content new life! Learn more about what makes a great Pinterest image here.

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What Does This Mean for Tailwind SmartLoop?

Tailwind SmartLoop is an effective tool for resharing your content without relying on tedious spreadsheets or randomly resharing when it comes to mind – both of which methods could have you resharing too often. When might you benefit from resharing content to Pinterest?

The best use cases for resharing the same Pin to the same Board are:

  1. Sharing timely seasonal Pins once or twice a year. This can surface seasonal content when it’s most relevant, meaning more engagement and distribution for the content people are ready to act on now.
  2. To engage new followers. Every four to six months, you can save the same Pin to the same Board to surface it in the following tab of your newer audience members.

Resharing content should supplement your other Pinterest activity but not replace a significant portion of your organic activity such as sharing your new content and other’s content.

SmartLoop analytics also give you easy access to what is generating engagement as it is reshared. If you see your numbers start to decline, it’s time to create new images for that content!

Using SmartLoop as intended will not cause you to be suspended. We are constantly updating the Loop recommendations in partnership with Pinterest. To update your existing Loops to incorporate the newest best practices, edit a Loop, and when you get to the set schedule step, select either YOUR CORE CONTENT or NICHE TOPIC. If you had previously selected one of these options, you’ll be able to refresh your settings here.

The focus of upcoming SmartLoop enhancements will be to enable Creators to make the most of their content library with new insights into content opportunities.

Nothing New to Share to Pinterest?

What if you’re not creating new content every week? Well, make time in your schedule! 🙂 Until you can though, share engaging content from other Creators in your niche. A time-saving way to find that kind of shareable content is to join Tailwind Tribes.

Tribes are groups of like-minded content Creators who add their best content in to a Tribe and share out content their followers will enjoy. They’re also a great place to find people to collaborate with on content and other projects.

Until you get to know your Tribemates well, you’ll want to check the links on their content to make sure it links where you expect it will. Sometimes an image sneaks in with the wrong link and THAT’s not something you want to share to Pinterest!

When you share engaging content from your Tribemates or others, that can help keep your audience on Pinterest warmed up for you next new post, page, or product.

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What DOESN’T Work to Increase Pinterest Traffic in 2019

Sharing the same content to the same Boards extremely frequently. In fact, the first time you share new content will usually provide your greatest traffic boost. While you should share your content to each of your relevant Boards, continuing to share the same content (meaning the same image and same link) to the same Board will, over time, begin to provide diminishing returns.

Sharing the same image and link combination too frequently can get your account flagged for Spam, which can lead to an account suspension. 😱

When in doubt, think about and emulate the way a regular Pinterest user Pins. They may incidentally Pin the same content to the same Board more than once, but it’s not usually in quick succession – and there are usually other Pins saved in between. Though you’re marketing a business on Pinterest, make it a matter of personal policy to always Pin like a Pinterest user.

In Conclusion: What’s the ONE Thing You Can Do to Increase Pinterest Traffic in 2019?

Give Pinterest plenty of fresh, inspiring content. Whether that means creating a new page, post, or product – or just making a new image (or two!) to give your existing content new life – when paired with a keyword-rich title and description and saved to a relevant Board gives Pinterest a reason to reward you with more and more traffic to your site.

Schedule something new today –

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Alisa Meredith

Alisa Meredith is the Content Marketing Manager at Tailwind – a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler and analytics platform. She is a sought-after speaker and teacher on Pinterest and Promoted Pins in particular, having spoken at Social Media Marketing World, Agents of Change and appearing on The Art of Paid Traffic and Social Pros podcasts. Alisa has invested heavily in becoming an expert in her craft – realizing (and loving) the fact that the learning never ends!  She lives in coastal North Carolina with her pampered pets Pepe the couch potato Cavapoo, and more cats than she’d like to admit to.

4 thoughts on “The ONE Thing You Can Do to Increase Pinterest Traffic in 2020

  1. Thanks for the great blog post! I want to believe, I seriously do, But I have doubts. When I view boars doing extremely well in Pinterest – to me, they appear spammy. They’re certainly re-pinning and pinning the same pin over and over and not just the same pin but maybe 1-2 variations of it. How do boards like this do so well when it seems that everyone I hear from says “not to do that”? Some of these are boards about makeup or food or work from home – I’m sure all very competitive markets but if they’re getting 4million views a month and have a 1-2% conversion rate they’re getting 40-100k visitors a month from Pinterest alone doing everything I read people should not do. Is Pinterest changing the game and this is kind of a heads-up?

    1. Hi Byron. Most welcome. From what we understand, this has been going on a while – it’s just likely to become more standardized over time. Keep in mind that “views” also includes Promoted Pins, so it’s hard to get a true picture of where their “success” is coming from. Pinterest really does want to help Creators succeed, so when they publish new guidelines, it’s a good idea to follow them and see how it impacts your results. You could be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

  2. Hi Alisa, thanks for sharing this news, as unwelcome as it is.

    Unfortunately as Pinterest sends me less traffic Google sends me more, and Pinterest becomes a tinier slice of the pie. Not worth much time or money any more – to me at least.

    I’m really sorry for those who are heavily invested in it, but I guess they’ll adapt.

    1. Hi Louise. I understand – it’s a big shift from the way some people have been doing things for a long time. Still, it’s nice to know what works today. I’m glad you were able to diversify and find success with Google, too. It’s always nice to have traffic coming in from multiple sources.

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