Typical Results of Tailwind for Instagram Members

A vintage camera with three flags with the text: Instagram Typical Results of Tailwind Members.

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Instagram usage has exploded and many Tailwind members are enjoying remarkable growth on the network. We hear new success stories every week so we wanted to share the typical results that Tailwind for Instagram members are enjoying so that you’ll have a better idea of what average growth on Instagram (with and without Tailwind) really looks like.

Nearly every day we talk to marketers, bloggers and solopreneurs to better understand your pain points and how we can help to solve them. If you’re a Tailwind for Instagram member you’ll know that we’re serious about making Tailwind the easiest and most effective Instagram scheduling and analytics tool available.

Even as use of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn declines in the US – particularly among younger audiences, Instagram continues to pick up steam with 36% of surveyed internet users on Instagram compared to 29% just two years ago. To take full advantage of Instagram’s potential, it’s important to post regularly. Yet, doing so remains a challenge for many. That’s why we built our Instagram tool with time-saving, strategy-supporting features that help our members grow faster.

It all started with our Smart Schedule that makes sure every one of your posts gets published when your followers are most engaged; our Hashtag Finder suggests the best hastags as you type your caption; Hashtag Lists allow you to save whole lists of hashtags and add them to your posts in seconds; our 9 Grid Preview lets you plan your feed to see what your scheduled posts will look like once they’re published; and we were one of the first Official Instagram Partners to build the ability to Auto Post into our tool.

All of that adds up to Tailwind-using Instagram marketers who are empowered to post twice as often as their peers, and they’re seeing the rewards!

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Methodology: How We Compiled These Numbers

Data Compiled On: Feb 2018

Sample: We selected all Tailwind for Instagram accounts created within a random period of time.  The sample size was 9,305 accounts.  We divided the data into two buckets, those who upgraded to a Tailwind Plus account (paid accounts) and those who didn’t (free accounts).

Timescale: We then tracked all of these accounts over six months, pulling data for each of them at 2 days after signup and 6 months after signup.

Defining Paying Members: A paying Tailwind member (on the Plus plan) is somebody who upgraded to a paid plan within 60 days of signing up and did not downgrade during the periods analyzed. A non-user (on the free plan) is somebody who did not upgrade to a paid plan during this period.

Cohorts: All users were further put into 3 buckets based on how many followers they initially had when signing up. We observed that accounts that started with fewer followers were able to achieve much higher growth rates and we wanted to reflect that reality in our data visualizations. New Accounts = Fewer than 100 followers, Growing Accounts = 100-1K followers, Established Accounts = 1K+ followers.

Cleaning the Data: To prevent the data from being skewed by outliers we removed the following.  1) Members who upgraded during this 6 month period being analyzed but only after the first 60 days (e.g., 100 days after signing up), they were not included in either cohort. 2) Members who upgraded within 60 days but downgraded during the 6 month period analyzed. 3) Outliers who experienced either negative growth in followers, repins, or pins or massive positive growth were excluded from both cohorts as they would otherwise have skewed the results.

Traffic: Unfortunately we don’t have access to the data needed to calculate a comparison of traffic growth for paying Tailwind members compared with those who signed up but never upgraded.  We’re hoping we may find a solution to this in the future as we’d love to see these numbers and to share them with you, but we don’t yet see a path to getting it in a large enough volume to be reliable.

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A vintage camera with three flags with the text: Instagram Typical Results of Tailwind Members.

Learn how much faster Tailwind members grew than those who signed up for a free trial and never upgraded.  These are the typical results of Tailwind for Instagram members