Using Pinterest to Raise Awareness for a Cause2 min read

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OSP Episode: 012 

Using Pinterest to Raise Awareness for a Cause
Doing something charitable is proven to have several physical and emotional benefits.

An article in Psychology Today points out that charitable giving can bring out feelings of well being happiness and pleasure. It can also reduce stress. Sounds like a win for everyone and Pinterest can help us accomplish this!

In this episode of the podcast, I chat with Elise Glaum, Online Communications Associate for a Shot@Life, a program that is part of the United Nations Foundation.


A Shot@Life is a program that focuses on bringing awareness to the importance of childhood vaccinations to children in developing countries. For many children around the world, reaching their first birthday is often not realized because of diseases that could be prevented with vaccinations.

A Shot@Life is using Pinterest as part of their social media marketing strategy and have partnered with renowned photographer Anne Geddes on Pinterest to celebrate the first anniversary of the program.

Shot@Life on Pinterest


Elise also discusses how the program utilizes socialmedia overall and offers some tips for non -profits wanting to use Pinterest to bring awareness to their programs.

April 24 is the launch for celebration of world immunization week. During the celebration, a Shot@Life is collaborating with Anne Geddes on a group board to pin favorite birthday cake recipes. To participate in the celebration, pin your favorite birthday cake recipe with #birthdaybash in the description. (The same hashtag will be used on Twitter too)


Links mentioned in this episode:


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Pinterest for giving blog post


Sure, Pinterest is fun for finding inspiration on what to make for dinner or for promoting our latest product or blog post but, the simple act of pinning could change a life. Whether your heart lies with helping animals, the environment or children’s health programs, there are many types of organizations building a community on Pinterest. A simple Pinterest search and some pinning could really make a difference.

The scientists in the lab coats say giving and being kind is good for us and I have to agree.  Will you be pinning to raise awareness for your favorite cause?


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